Introducing the Desk Rail, a stylish and functional desk accessory designed to keep everything organized right at your fingertips.

In an effort to bring order to desk chaos everywhere, we've developed the Desk Rail – the minimalist and multifunctional desk organizer. 


Everything in Its Place

The Desk Rail was designed to centralize the things you need most and present them in an organized way. Inspired by the magnetic knife strip found in professional kitchens, we wanted users to be able to quickly find and access their stuff. From pens and pencils, to Post-Its, erasers, and Moleskins, the Desk Rail neatly organizes everything.


Gadgets Welcome

A relative newcomer to the workspace is the now ubiquitous smartphone. No matter the brand of smartphone, the Rail positions it so you can quickly glance down to check alerts. In addition, we’ve included a channel on the Desk Rail that allows users to add a charging or sync cable.


Switch It Up

Tucked behind your keyboard, the Desk Rail lets you quickly switch from one tool to the next with a contained, natural movement. This is especially helpful for Wacom tablet users. The size, angle, and padding material in the channel have all be carefully designed and tested to provide a soft landing, making it easy to drop off an item without looking down.


Helping Hand

Trying to reference notes and sketches while using a computer can become a real pain in the neck, literally. Looking down and to the side, then back up, is neither intuitive nor comfortable. The Desk Rail can be used to hold printed materials, tablets, or other reference materials right in front of you.


Great Everywhere

While initially designed to help organize the area around your computer, the Desk Rail has proven its ability to organize in all kinds of situations.  The simple but flexible design let's it adapt to lots of situations. 

The Details

  • 16 ⅞” inches of pure organization (the same width as a full size Apple keyboard)
  • About 3 inches deep and 2 tall (tucks nicely behind your keyboard)
  • 2.5 lbs of all-aluminum construction (only moves when you want it to)
  • Anodized finish (looks great next to Apple gear)
  • Resilient foam cushions (grip and protect your stuff)
  • Cabling channel and removable side doors (for easy routing of cables)
  • Non-marring silicon feet (protect your desk and allow cords to pass under the Rail)